What We Do

The Parish Third World Group was established in 1989. For over 25 years we have been fundraising and have donated well over a million pounds to help people living in extreme poverty in developing countries. All money raised has gone directly for the relief of poverty – we do not spend any of it on administration. We are registered with the Charity Commission for NI (Number 102818) and recognised by HMRC for gift aid purposes.

The facts about poverty are stark. Millions of people do not have enough food or access to clean water or basic healthcare because of poverty. Twenty two thousand children die every day as a result of severe malnourishment or disease due to poverty – that’s the equivalent of around 25 primary schools the size of St Bride’s being wiped out on a daily basis. Millions of people mainly women and children, are victims of human trafficking and suffer degrading and cruel treatment because of poverty. All those people suffer and die far removed from the scrutiny of the world. They are invisible.

Our Group support 18 projects in developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America. (https://stbrigids3wg.com/people-we-help/)

Last year we were able to send out £100,000 to help people get the basic necessities of life that we all take completely for granted such as simple food to live on, clean water, basic healthcare, education and training for work to support families and provide them a better future.

Our beneficiaries are very grateful for the generosity of St Brigid’s parishioners and friends. All the reports we get from them are heart rending, inspirational and challenging. They tell us they couldn’t continue their good work without this help.

Donations by standing order are the largest single source of income from the Group, raising over £30,000, each year. We hold an Annual Collection in September and receive other donations throughout the year including legacies.

Our fundraising events include bread and soup lunches in Lent and Advent and table quizzes in January and October. We also organise practise interviews each November for students applying for medical school and around 90 doctors and other professionals give their services on a voluntary basis – parents/students are invited to make a donation to the group.

We meet at 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall on the first Monday of each month from September to April.

Here is a message from our former Chairperson – Hugh Doherty. Click the arrow to play.

On the People We Help page you can find a full list of the projects giving more details of each one.

And you can help the work of the Group in various ways – see How Can You Help? And why might you do this? See Why Support Us?

You can keep up to date on our news as it happens by following the instructions on the Keep Up to Date page

The content of this site is managed and moderated by members of the Group. Every effort is made to ensure that content is relevant and appropriate but if you have any concerns about content or want to get in touch with us, please contact us through the Parish Office or email stbrigids3wg@gmail.com

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