Project Reports from Around the World

St Brigid’s Third World Group keeps in regular contact with the projects it supports – with your generous help. We have recently received a batch of reports from 8 of our supported projects and you can read each of them by clicking on the links below.

The reports give a vibrant picture of the great variety of support and development work going on around the world thanks to the dedicated service of those who lead the projects. We hope that you will find them interesting and that they will sustain or spark your interest in our work.

And – remember that our annual collection takes place over this weekend – 13/14 September at all of the Masses in St Brigid’s Church.

Sr Mary O’Malley – Kenya

Sr Ann Stevens – Sierra Leone

Sr Maeve O’Driscoll – Peru

Fr Diarmuid Sheehan – Ghana

Sr Joan Mellin – Nigeria

Sr Patricia Speight – Kenya

Fr Raymond McQuarrie – South Africa

Sr Sheila Campbell – Brazil

Thank you for your continuing interest and support.

Latest Reports from the Projects we support

We don’t just send money to the projects we support; we also like to keep in touch with their progress. It’s great to hear how things are progressing and the projects need to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.


Over the last couple of months we have heard from Sr Maeve O’Driscoll working near Lima in Peru and from Sr Geraldine Jackson working in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone. Also, Mike and Anne Moran had the privilege of meeting up with Sr Maeve and her colleague, Sr Clare, while they were on holiday in South America during January 2015.

You can see the reports and some photos and videos by clicking on the links below:

  1. Sr Maeve’s report and photos
  2. Sr Geraldine’s report and photos
  3. Mike Moran’s PowerPoint summary of the visit plus a couple of videos

In the meantime thank you for your continued support of these and the other projects.

Blessings and Thanks Sent by Sr Mary James Clines

Sr Mary James Clines runs the Bethlehem Family Services programme in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. She has written recently to members of the Third World Group to send her thanks for the donation made on your behalf and her blessings to all of you. Bethlehem Family Services is engaged with 225 women who do not have permanent jobs and many of whom are infected by HIV/AIDS and have children dependent upon them. The project also supports access to education for 250 children of these families.

Without your generous and vital support these families might very likely be consigned to lives without hope. You can read Sr Mary’s full report here.

Thank you again for your support of this and all the other projects.

Thank you for your record-breaking efforts

Dear Supporters

We are delighted to report that your attendance at the recent Bread and Soup Lunch – at which you also contributed to the raffle for a cake (won by Mrs Nuala Lynch) and bought loads of our Christmas cards – has resulted in a record amount of £2838 being raised to support our projects.

Thank you very much for that.

Another new income stream for the Group has been the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) sessions organised for applicants to medical schools, in which they participate in a set realistic simulations and receive a structured feedback. The brainchild of Dr Gerry Loughrey and Dr Fergus Donaghy, this year’s second run of the MMIs involved 80 student candidates and 77 volunteers who conducted the interviews and provided the feedback. And it raised almost £5000 (including Gift Aid). Thank you to all the volunteers who made it a success and to the parents and schools who contributed their voluntary donations.

And finally – a donation of £1500 was received as the result of the auction of a painting gifted to the Third World Group.

We wish you all a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year and look forward to seeing you again at our future fundraising events. And – it’s not too late to purchase one of our Charity Gift Cards (available after Masses at the back of the Church or from any committee member).

Report from Sister Ann Patricia Flynn in South Africa

Missionary Sisters of the Assumption

P O Box 1629 Highlands North 2037 South Africa

Tel: 27 11 640 2550/640 1670 Fax: 27 11 485 1728

Mrs Rosalie Flanagan


St Brigid’s Third World Group


N Ireland

Dear Mrs Flanagan

A very big thanks to the St Brigid’s Group for the way they have made it possible for us, over several years , to come to the assistance of many needy families who without your help would often find it difficult to know where to turn .

As Assumption Sisters we have a strong tradition of trying to open doors for poor families through providing educational opportunities , so it is not surprising that a good portion of your £ 4000 donation went towards school fees, uniforms, transport to get to school as well as to the sustenance needed to make learning possible.

An overview of the period 1September 2013 and 31 March 2014 shows that you contributed:

School fees for 15 poor children at a cost of £2 020

Food for families …………… £ 820

Transport of children to school ………… £ 350

Clothes/uniforms /shoes for school £ 540

Emergency medical assistance for refugees £ 270

Total £ 4 000

For easier reading these figures have been converted back from South Africa Rand to Pounds Sterling (and rounded off a bit ).

Thank you. I do hope this gives some idea of what an important investment in the development of needy children that your generous contribution has been.

If I were to receive a similar donation from you in 2014, I would budget it in a similar fashion but always leaving something aside for the unexpected

With gratitude


Sister Anne Patricia Flynn 17 October 2014